What you will see during ordering:

PENDING: is what you will see as soon as your order is placed. If your order still shows as pending, it means we have not received payment and we will not process an order until payment has been made.

CONFIRMED: We update your order to confirmed, once we receive your PayPal payment, or your check/money order. Once payment is received, we go ahead and ready your package.

SHIPPED: When your order is shipped out, we will update your order as SHIPPED that same day.

Once we have received your confirmation email or payment from PayPal your order change from Pending to Confirmed.

Please be aware that all PENDING ORDERS are deleted after 2 weeks period if payment has not been received. If you have not received your package and still see Pending on your order, you can check PayPal to confirm if a payment has been made or not.

If you have any questions regarding payment please contact us using the form provided.