Refurbished Flue Gas Analysers

Great prices on like-new products.
Our refurbished instruments are tested and then reconditioned to original factory specifications by our manufacturer service centre. The refurbishment process typically includes a full calibration, replacement of any defective parts and a thorough cleaning and inspection process. 


Why buy a refurbished gas analyser?

- A great way of getting one of the latest analysers if you're on a budget

- Up to 30% cheaper than brand new devices

- 12 month warranty on all gas analysers

- All gas analysers come in an official manufactures case

Refurbished gas analysers

Refurbished doesn't necessary mean the analyser has a fault, or has been for a repair. It just means that it's been returned to its factory settings and calibrated. Our selection of refurbished analysers are available for the next day delivery when your order before 4pm.

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Whats the main benefit of buying a refurbished analyser?

The big advantage of buying a refurbished gas analyser is to save money! You can expect to pay a lot less upfront for a refurbished gas analyser compared to a new one, and perhaps also pay cheaper servicing costs.

If you want to have the latest analyser tech in your van without paying the full price, a refurbished analyser is a great choice. And dont forget, they come with a 12-month warranty.

Why buy from Poole Instrument Calibration/Measure4Less?

Got your eye on a analyser but cant afford the retail price? A refurbished analyser from us is the answer. Every refurbished gas analyser in our range has been returned by a customer simply because they changed their mind shortly after purchase. So, other than the fact the box has been opened, its in near mint condition. Once we receive the analyser, we just return it to its factory settings and lower the price, win-win for you.

How long is the warranty?

All of our refurbished gas analysers come with a 12-month warranty. Thats the same amount youd get with a brand new gas analyser, so you can relax knowing that if there are any bumps in the road, youre covered. Dont worry though, every gas analyser in our range is fully inspected by a qualified engineer, and has passed a rigorous quality control test and passed calibration before its sold to you.

What is a refurbished gas analyser?

A refurbished gas analyser is one thats been returned to us when a customer has had a change of heart shortly after the original purchase. Because the gas analyser has already been taken out of its original packaging, we wont sell it as brand new.

The term refurbished doesnt necessarily mean the gas analyser has a fault, or has been for a repair. It just means that its been returned to its factory settings with a calibration certificate.


Please note as the items found in this section are refurbished they may feature some cosmetic signs of usage, however the testing process assures that the products meet the same stringent quality standards that are required for new products.

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